you don’t get groped at gigs or worry about somebody spiking

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canada goose clearance ‘when’s international men’s day?’ they ask, because they don’t know how to google.richard herring does his best to educate them (and to raise money for the refuge charity in the process), but they remain oblivious to a simple fact: not only do men have canada goose outlet toronto location an international men’s day on november 19, but they have every other day too.8 people share stories of women who changed their liveswhingeing about women getting 1/365th of the calendar is a minor moan, but it represents a huge lack of understanding, let alone empathy and it’s something the men’s rights activist clowns are quick to exploit.if you think women no longer need feminism like the terrifying 67% of britons who told sky this week that feminism wasn’t needed any more you really haven’t been paying attention. and a lot of men haven’t been, because to be born male, especially if you’re also straight and white, is to win life’s lottery.i handed in my man card a year ago i’m trans and i’m acutely aware that the world is very different when you walk in women’s shoes. when you’re on the boys’ team, you miss out on many of the greatest hits of being a girl.you don’t get paid significantly less than your colleagues for doing the same job, and people don’t patronise you or talk over you in meetings.sexual harassment from colleagues or customers isn’t something you’re likely to experience, let alone be expected to put up with.you don’t get groped at gigs or worry about somebody spiking your drink.strangers on twitter don’t threaten to rape you.you don’t have to worry about whether your outfit will attract unwelcome attention, or fear that your reputation will be used to blame you if somebody attacks you.you don’t have to battle for access to essential healthcare, let alone bodily autonomy.these things apply to trans women and gender canada goose birmingham uk non conforming people too, of course, which is why it’s canada goose outlet florida so great to see labour so publicly backing trans women this week: it’s not where you’re from, but where you’re at.to be feminine is to be paid less, to be taken less seriously, to face discrimination, harassment and violence canada goose clearance.

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