they are able to understand unpredictable turns of thought

readers can understand a wide variety of texts from many genres including professional, technical, academic, and literary. these texts are characterized by one or more of the following: a high level of abstraction, precision or uniqueness of vocabulary; density of information; cultural reference; or complexity of structure. readers are able to comprehend implicit and inferred information, tone, and point of view and can follow highly persuasive arguments. they are able to understand unpredictable turns of thought related to sophisticated topics. able to understand writing tailored to specific audiences as well as a number of historical, regional, and colloquial variations of the language. these readers are able to appreciate the richness of written language. readers understand and appreciate texts that use highly precise, low frequency vocabulary as well as complex rhetorical structures to convey subtle or highly specialized information. such texts are typically essay length but may be excerpts from more lengthy texts. however, they may still have difficulty fully understanding certain nonstandard varieties of the written language.

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