interspecies romance: two human/bajoran ones mentioned

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replica hermes birkin every scar has a story: upon learning that tia’s brother tiida died fighting the orion syndicate, eleya explains that she got the scar on her face the same way. fantastic religious weirdness: the day of remembrance has been opened to non bajorans since bajor opened diplomatic relations with the federation. framing device: tiana visits sobaru’s grave, and reminisces about an encounter with kanril eleya at starfleet academy ten years earlier. the glomp: sobaru does this to tia when she learns about tiida’s death and how tia is now all alone. halloween episode: more of a day of the dead episode. the day of remembrance is one of the bajoran faith’s lesser holy days , focused on celebrating the memory of dead family and friends. intercontinuity crossover: between bait and switch and the war of the masters. interspecies romance: two human/bajoran ones mentioned, eleya’s ill fated romance with jerrod dalton, and tia and sobaru’s cadet romance that turned into a marriage. multicultural alien planet: played subtly. eleya notices that the construction of sobaru’s given name indicates her being from hathon province, while sobaru notices a kendran accent to eleya’s bajoran when they meet face to face. never found the body: there are no bodies at the cluster of grave markers for the crew of the uss wolfram. raging heart vented drive plasma into the infected compartments to stop the zombie apocalypse. no holds barred beatdown: offscreen tia overheard an idiot armchair quarterbacking civilian say that her brother’s death was a stupid sacrifice and that he could’ve done it without dying, and the only reason the guy got off with just a broken arm was because that was when sfpd got there. the only one: part of the reason eleya is given the assignment of tutoring tia and sobaru is because sobaru is bajoran, and eleya is the only other bajoran on campus at the moment who has taken principles of electronic countermeasures (officer recruitment on bajor has apparently been somewhat thin in the past couple of years). pardon my klingon/sir swears a lot: eleya, as usual. sobaru wonders if she got it during her time as an enlisted crewman in the bajoran militia, but eleya says her mother was always telling her to watch her language.”i think it did get worse after boot camp, though.” replica hermes birkin

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