if the 80s and 90s were about expansion

to say this is very contradictory to every time we see other vampires in action is an obvious understatement. kill it with fire: fire handles vampires well. it’s also what finally brings down eben. klingon promotion: eben ascends to ruling the vampire world after he kills the eldest, most powerful vampire alive.

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replica stella mccartney bags old warehouses and vacant commercial properties are being repurposed into residential lofts at alarming rates. a renewed sense of livability in downtown areas has spurred the need for fresh housing ideas in areas that have long been forgotten. revitalization projects are happening in cities both large and small. if the 80s and 90s were about expansion, indoor malls and large commercial shopping centers, then the 2010s and 20s will be about maximizing square footage, re using what has already been created and minimizing the grandiose ideas that were sparked by a stronger economy, all in the name of modern architecture. replica stella mccartney bags

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