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this summer, we’ve been loving a certain new silhouette that’s best described as a “high-low” dress , or as we like to call it, a “mullet” dress. (business in the front; party in the back!) simply put, the style affords anyone the best of both worlds — a short, cocktail-style dress with all the drama of a long skirt in the back, functioning almost like a train.of all the styles we’ve seen , though, we like a pleated silhouette the best — and this simple bcbgeneration dress is not only flattering, it also leaves room for all kinds of accessories. (among our suggestions: chunky statements necklaces, piled-on bracelets, and statement cocktail rings.)when it comes down to shoes: anything goes. flats, sandals, wedges, heels or whatever else your heart desires. get in on the mullet fun!bcbgeneration pleat high low dress, $92.99, at zappos


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the must-have: the high-low dress

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