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just when you thought you have all the big trends on lock down, you have to go and discover some even newer ideas. sound familiar? yeah, it does for me too. i fell victim to such an encounter last weekend as i enjoyed a plethora of fashion shows at reykjavik fashion festival in iceland.as the different designers shared their vision for the upcoming seasons, my heart sank and soared simultaneously. i could feel myself becoming unsettled in my seat as i slowly realized that i had perhaps been putting all my eggs in a basket and overlooking some really innovative thoughts on not only ways to functionally stay warm , but look really good doing it.but then, on the other hand, holy cow! when confronted head-on with insane styling and pieces that make you melt into a puddle of fashion goodness underneath your chair, you know you’re done for. at rff, a number big trends observed on the runway (and also on the distinctly out-of-the box street styles) ranged from over-sized knits that swallow you whole (in a good way) , body painting, crafts and capes that make you want to sing.check out what trends you can’t be missing whether you’re looking to update your spring closet or already looking ahead to next fall. 0thoughts?1 of 9reykjavik fashion festival 2012 in harpa conference & concert hall.photo: fridrik orn hjaltested/fridrik orn hjaltestedcocooning knits: at birna, a colorful approach was taken to show off one of iceland’s biggest trends.photo: fridrik orn hjaltested/fridrik orn hjaltestedcacooning: men weren’t left out of the trend at kormakur & skjoldur either. this fur is beyond amazing. heart palpitations ensuing momentarily.photo: fridrik orn hjaltested/fridrik orn hjaltestedcapes: we loved the oblong perspective on a cape at mundi — plus the print gives it an amazing quirky edge.photo: fridrik orn hjaltested/fridrik orn hjaltestedcapes: over at ella, capes were shown in a sophisticated and minimal approach. divine.photo: fridrik orn hjaltested/fridrik orn hjaltestedcapes: ziska took a totally different direction on capes, which we loved. completely avant-garde, the capes were reminiscent of distressed armor from the apocalypse. photo: fridrik orn hjaltested/fridrik orn hjaltestedbody paint: the face tattoos at ziska were a wonderful addition that completed each look and maintained consistency through the collection.photo: fridrik orn hjaltested/fridrik orn hjaltestedbody painting: obsessed with the face painting at kronkron, makeup was definitely taken to the next level.photo: fridrik orn hjaltested/fridrik orn hjaltestedbody painting: military gloves took on a different aesthetic as the models’ hands were painted to resemble gloves but also introduced an element of color too.photo: fridrik orn hjaltested/fridrik orn hjaltestednext slideshow starts in 10s8 of the best music festivalsto check out this spring andsummer!


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