every museum would make the space for all those components

the show is also noteworthy because of the presentation. the paintings that are the show focus fill only one gallery, albeit the main one and one that is quite large. but the exhibition includes four other galleries. the first is an introduction to zurbaran and to the (art) world in seville during his time there. the second is devoted to the print sources zurbaran drew on to devise the costumes and poses of his 13 figures. then comes the main gallery, followed by one devoted to the discoveries made by the conservation team at the nearby kimbell art museum, which has been working on the paintings for a year. finally, there a small gallery for a case study, illustrating what the analysis and research discovered about one particular painting end result is, as i ended my review, greatly enrich the visitor experience and make “zurbarn: jacob and his twelve sons” a many splendored thing. every museum would make the space for all those components. the meadows is a teaching museum, after all. and not every museum has such space painting are coming to the frick this winter, and i am sure they will look fantastic in its east gallery. but there no room for the other components, except perhaps as captured in a video (which i think is the plan).

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